The Gulf Coast Civic Works Project is the national effort to develop federal legislation to create 100,000 WPA-like jobs for Gulf Coast residents to rebuild their communities. Learn More.

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Ask the candidates: "Will you support 100,000 civic work
jobs to rebuild the
Gulf Coast?"

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Presidential Candidate Dispatch Team

In order to remind the nation that the Gulf Coast has not been rebuilt, as well as to highlight the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project, we plan on dispatching students and community members to ask questions of the presidential candidates from both political parties.

Examples of questions are:

  • What is your plan to rebuild the Gulf Coast?  What would you do differently than what is being currently done?

  • If elected president of the US, would you introduce legislation based on the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project?

  • Do you support the idea of a WPA-like project to rebuild the Gulf Coast? [what's the WPA: click here]

If you would like to be on a Presidential Candidate Dispatch Team, please click here.  We are particularly interested in having students who live in or near Iowa and New Hampshire.


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