The Gulf Coast Civic Works Project is the national effort to develop federal legislation to create 100,000 WPA-like jobs for Gulf Coast residents to rebuild their communities. Learn More.

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A friendly contest: turn in the most signatures and you will win:

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  2. and be on the team that delivers the petitions to Congress!

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Gather Petition Signatures

We want to demonstrate to our national leaders that the people of the United States support the idea of rebuilding the Gulf Coast by providing WPA-like jobs to the local residents and displaced citizens. 
[what's the WPA: click here]

Our goal is to gather 100,000 signatures, and to deliver these petitions in a powerful and symbolic fashion to Congress.

This ideas is both practical and American. 

Practical because who better to rebuild the community than the local residents who have lost so much, and American because this idea for civic work is deeply rooted in the United States. 

Civic work, the idea where government provides jobs for the people to rebuild their community, was first proposed by Jacob Coxey in 1894, then implemented by President Roosevelt in the 1930s, and called upon once again by Dr. Martin Luther King in the late 1960s.

In order to encourage students and community members, the person who obtains the most signatures will receive a free airline ticket to Washington D.C. to be a part of the team delivering the petitions, which will include stops at the Roosevelt Memorial and to the site of the soon to be built King Memorial.

Download the petition here, and start collecting signatures now!  And please return them to the address on the petition.




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