The Gulf Coast Civic Works Project is the national effort to develop federal legislation to create 100,000 WPA-like jobs for Gulf Coast residents to rebuild their communities. Learn More.

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We are extremely pleased to have joined
forces with New Orleans ACORN
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5/31/07 Gulf Coast Civic Works Project pitched to Senator Edwards
5/8/07 Senator Obama cites our work!
5/8/07 More Than Just Talk: John Edwards Mention of 50,000 Jobs for Gulf Coast
4/30/07 Assemblywoman Lieber and Hurricane Katrina Survivors Call for Massive Federal Job Creation for Gulf Coast [AJR 22 pdf]
4/10/07 Virtual Post-Katrina National College Summit
4/9/07 Hot off the presses: Roosevelt Relief: Hurricane Katrina
Policy Publication of the University of Michigan Roosevelt Institution

(and 1 High School!)

3/27/07 Santa Clara County Democratic Party Executive Board Resolution
3/11/07 Assemblywoman Lieber, San Josť State Students & Faculty Announce Public Hearing on Post-Katrina Conditions [pdf]
3/9/07 Volunteers toil, but Gulf still a mess
3/7/07 Southern Studies' A New Agenda for the Gulf Report
3/2/07 Human Rights for Displaced Iraqis But Not Displaced Americans?  By Guest Blogger: Jeffrey Buchanan, Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights

Take Action: Email Congress today!

3/1/07 Missouri Legislators Call for Gulf Coast Civic Works Project As President Bush Tours Katrina Recovery Effort in New Orleans [pdf]
2/23/07 The Sun Herald: Students Push for Plan  [pdf]
2/22/07 Missouri Legislators Urge Creation Of Public Works Project to Aid Katrina Victims  [pdf]
2/19/07 Students Call for National Post-Katrina College Summit [pdf]
2/15/07 The Summit Strategy
1/30/07 Chairman Thompson calls for WPA-like Program to Rebuild Gulf Coast
1/21/07 ‘Louisiana Winter’ Comes to a Close: Students Vow to Continue to Advocate for Civic Works Legislation
1/16/07 Dr. Cornel West with 'Louisiana Winter' Students at Tulane University
11/19/06 Poverty Under the Stars: The Night the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project was Born


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Louisiana Winter, 2007


A Must Read:  Southern Studies' A New
      Agenda for the Gulf
Informational Flyer (Bay Area) [pdf]
Informational Flyer (Generic) [pdf]
Position Paper [pdf]
Chairman Thompson's Speech [pdf]
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Radio Coverage: Listen to "Against the Grain" Interview [ here]
  Louisiana Winter Student Video
  KPIX Channel 5  [2 mins]
WLOX-TV abc 13 [5 mins]
KTVU Channel 2  [2 mins]
DLabrie, of Hip Hop Congress

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